Back & still working at it

For anyone that comes to the blog, rest assured I have not abandoned it.  Still trying to figure out how to do more then just post new posts.  also have to say there is so much going on with the Presidential race that its hard to decide what to write about.  Have to admit, I am somewhat afraid.  I didn’t see how we could elect Obama and he got it twice!  Seems like Donald is trying to give it to Hillary.  I would like to see him declare that she would be arrested the first day of his term.  Furthermore I would like him to declare that since Obama has ignored the constitution is so many ways that if he gives Hillary a pardon he would also ignore the constitution and not honor it.  Send them both to private rooms in Quantonimo under house arrest for duration of his term.  WE need to lock her up!

Trump is at it again!

Yes Trump opened mouth and inserted foot again.  Not a good idea attacking gold star parents.  HOWEVER, like it or not being a gold star parent does NOT give you license to attack in any way you wish either.  The only reference to no religious test is in relationship to being able to run for office.  The constitution does NOT give anyone the right to enter the USA and become a citizen on their own terms.  Sorry, but do not only read what is there but also read what isn’ there.

Trump wins again

I am totally amazed as to how all of the know everything pundits just don’t understand what is going on.  Every time they pronounce thatTrump has finally gone over the top with his latest outrageous idiot proposal the right wing idiots of the Republican party come out stronger than ever for him!  There are three major points here that they are missing.

Number one is the fact that the hard core conservative doesn’t consider much of what Trump is saying as stupid. In fact they pretty much agree with him so when the pundit suggests that it is stupid they are implying (if not outright saying) that the person who accepts the arguments is also stupid.  No one likes being called an idiot.  So when I say these people are the real idiots they get upset.  Duh!!  I’ve got news for you,  all of your sophisticated arguments are falling on deaf ears.  You, in fact are what I like to call educated idiots.  Oh, geez, looks like I’m doing what I’m accusing you all of doing now.  I wonder, have I changed any minds with this tactic?

Number two is the fact that you have not come up with any solutions other than following the same course we are now on to solve the problems Trump is addressing.  The problems exist like it or not!  The leftest feel goodie programs tried in the past have not corrected those problems.  No amount of lying and fudging the facts   is going to change this.  It is time for real and effective change.  Our present establishment politicians are not capable of letting go of their favorite unworkable programs for sundry personal reasons.  The people know it and quite frankly I believe the pundits do also.  The pundits just have to much invested in the present solutions to be able to seriously consider taking new positions.

A third point to be made is that despite the vast knowledge of the various experts in the field, they are not the ones who will make the final decisions.  Our American forefathers screwed up in one very important area. They gave the population the democratic vote.  Oh I know any time anyone suggests that we pay attention to the will of the people we are reminded that this country in not a democracy but rather a republic.  Well, look out fellow Americans.  We are rapidly approaching the time when the country throws off the yokes of being led by leaders and start demanding that our government follow the will of the people.

Yes, I’m afraid of widows and orphans

Yesterday, while in full campaign mode, President Obama quipped that Republicans who had problems handling the moderators at the last Republican debates were now showing fear of widows and orphans.  Quite frankly I believe that if he desired to show some common sense at all he to would be showing fear of these particular widows and orphans.   It would help to stop and think about this just a little bit.  How where these widows and orphans made widows and orphans?  Many of there husbands and fathers were killed by American armaments.   Many others where killed by ISIS after we Americans did not come to there defense and back them up.  You don’t think that there might be just a little bit of ill feelings among some of these widows and orphans.  We are talking about the kind of ill feelings that are not glossed over with tripe sayings by overly arrogant American politicians.  Those who harbor bad feelings will continue to harbor those feelings for many years until one day the opportunity comes along for them to stike back.

Yes Mr President you are damn right!!  I am afraid of these particular widows and orphans.  It would really help if you would get your head out of your you know what and realize they pose a real threat to all of America!

Why Run if you can’t do the Job?

Maybe i’m wrong but I think the main purpose of the President of the United Staes is to inforce the laws of the country.  Several of those running for the office claim that it would be impossible to deport 11 million illegal immigrants.  The law says they are illegal.  The law says they need to be deported.  The person who says it can’t be done is saying he or she is incapable of doing the job.  Those who say they don’t think its right to deport illegal imigrants are saying they think thier opinion is better than that of congress and previous Presidents who made the laws.  If they really feel the law is wrong they have a responsibility to change it with methods allowed by our constitution,   If they refuse to to enforce the law they are not worthy of the office.  We don’t elect dictators but persons who are expected to follow the laws that we the people have enacted.

Why does Trump have to lie?

I like many of my fellow Americans am totally upset with the direction the country is taking.  I feel totally betrayed by Republicans who are so afraid of the main stream media that they refuse to keep their promises to buck the liberal agenda in any meaningful way.  I gravitate naturally to Donald Trump and his positions on most subjects.  I do have a problem though when he just out and out lies about what he has said in the past.

Back when few where paying much attention he declared that it was a mistake to go into Afghanistan.  He not only said it was a mistake he said that some very smart people in Washington where coming to some very dumb conclusions concerning fighting a war in Afghanistan.  Now quite frankly agree or not I have no problem with his having such a position.  I further have no problem with him now changing that position if after careful consideration he feels he was wrong.  My problem is his denial of ever have taken the original position.  There are tapes of the comments.  HE SAID WHAT HE SAID!!!.  Now he has the audacity to claim he never said it.

Sounds like he’s learning how to be just another politician like the rest of them!

Learning how to blog

I am still here.  Still looking on making this blog a worthwhile visit.  Those of you that know me know that I have been actively maintaining for several years.  Many of my friends consider me some sort of web guru  Just not true.  Takes me forever to really learn something.  My hours are filled with all sorts of activities and not enough time to devote to learning new projects!  I just visited and found tons of instructional material on how to do a blog.   This will take some time to get through and to try all of the different techniques!

One of the things, I’m learning from reading blogs about blogs is you need to write articles on a regular basis.  I see that some successful bloggers hire post writers to fill there blogs with interesting posts.   I may find myself doing that in the future but for now, I ll just continue to post my personal musings as I go through the process of building this up.

I have several areas of interest.  Obviously from the title you might guess that I’m interested in politics and having a say about what’s going on in the political world.  I also run my own internet company with a couple of sucessful web sites, and  To keep my days full I am also enrolled in a Doctoral program from Capella University (online).   I’m wosrking on a degree specializing in Adult Education.  Once in a while I get to mess around in my home recording studio where I have been able to put together some awesome software, all of which I need to take some considerable amount of time to learn.

With all this I think I will be able to find plenty to post about! So until next time………..

Why another Blog?

Many of you know me from your using  Through the years I have occasionally posted statements on the site concerning my positions on sundry subjects.  I have been toying with the idea of starting a blog for some time.  This is it.  You will be able to expect my completely  unreasonable rants here on a regular basis.  Of course I don’t think they’re unreasonable at all.  And of course you will be able to post reply comments telling me what an idiot I am.  Hopefully though I may occasionally post something that will make you think outside of your normal box.

Why allow Speaker to wait?

The Speaker of the House John Boehner announced today he is resigning from the Speakership and the House effective October 30th.  He was facing a vote to vacate the Speakership today which he averted with the announcement.  So why wait till the 30th?   It is obvious that he wishes to control the debate concerning funding Planned Parenthood.   He is convinced that if the House holds firm it would result in a government shutdown and that the Republicans would recieve the blame.  He and the moderate Republicans that support this position don’t have the ability to communicate to the country that if they present a budget with everything desired by the Democrats except the Planned Parenthood funding that there denial of that budget is the Democrats fault NOT the Republicans.  John Boehner is staying for one reason and one reason only.  Once again, he is going to organize the railroading through of a policy in opposition to the will of the people because he knows better than the rest of us.

Hello Readers

Welcome to Extreme Conservatism.  This is a blog to answer the lack of what I consider to be fundamental misstatements about the everyday events we all face on a regular basis.  Our political leaders seem to be more concerned with spinning the facts so as to confuse instead of coming to real solutions.  In some cases I feel they outright lie about the facts surrounding certain cases in order to confuse and thereby win there positions.  This will be an open discussion that may upset some and may invigorate others.  in either case, so be it and lets go for the ride.

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